When was the last time your vehicle’s interior was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected?

We’re not talking about passing a vacuum and quickly wiping down the console. You’ll be amazed at the stuff that our vehicles accumulate in the interior. From food particles, sweat, environmental dirt, pollen, etc. All these and much more not only contaminates the surfaces of your car but can also harbor pathogens which may upset a person’s immune system.

The usual suspects are:

  • Steering Wheel
  • Shift Knob, Shifter
  • Emergency Hand Brake
  • Door Latches, Controls, & Buttons
  • Radio Controls, AC Controls, & Buttons
  • Infotainment Systems & Screens
  • Center Consoles & Cup Holders
  • Driver / Passenger Seats & Head Rests
  • Seat Position Control Buttons
  • Air Conditioning Vents and Ducts
  • Cabin Air Handler Ducts
  • Floor Mats

GVS is not offering a Cabin Interior Deep Clean Service. This service starts with an exterior car wash. Once the exterior has been cleaned, the technician tackles the interior surfaces with a Steam Cleaner specifically designed for automotive surfaces.

The interior Deep Clean Service starts with vapor cleaning the vehicle’s steering wheel and control surfaces, door handles, window controls, door buttons and latches, arm rests, AC ducts and vents, AC controls, infotainment system control surfaces, buttons and slides, media controls buttons and surfaces, center console, drive shifter or shift knob, emergency hand brake, driver passengers seats, head rests, and bolsters, cup holders, cubby holes and compartments, seat position control buttons and knobs, cabin air duct, and finally the floor mats. Additionally, this service also includes a new cabin filter at no additional cost.

The cost for the Cabin Deep Clean Service is:
$229.00 + Tax

Although this is a service that we have offered our clientele for a number of years, we feel that it’s important for our new-be clients to become aware of this valuable service. Please watch this video of the GVS Cabin Deep Clean Service and call (954) 241-7038 to schedule an appointment.