EPA Crackdown on Diesel Deleted Vehicles

GVS IS IMPLEMENTING A NEW POLICY IMMEDIATELY. GERMAN VEHICLES SERVICE WILL NOT ACCEPT NOR SERVICE ANY VEHICLE WITH A DELETED OR TAMPERED DIESEL EMISSIONS SYSTEM. NO EXCEPTIONS. The Reason. The 2019 Clean Air Act, Vehicle and Engine Enforcement went into effect on January 1 and the subsection that allows not only penalties, but damages and going after mechanics for those same penalties went into effect September 1. There have been mechanics and technicians handed fines reported in the $5,000 range and service centers, small and large, have been handed massive fines and much more. Should a vehicle owner, whether an individual or business, drive or deliver a vehicle with a tampered or deleted diesel emissions system, to German Vehicles Service (GVS), it will not be accepted for any kind of service and the owner or business of such vehicle must tow it off premises immediately at the owner’s expense. 2019 Clean Air Act Vehicle and Engine Enforcement Case Resolutions | US […]

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