According to the U.S. Department of Energy“Fixing a serious maintenance problem such as a faulty oxygen sensor, can improve your mileage by as much as 40 percent!”

Have Your European Car Run More Efficiently With A Fuel System Service

Over time all gasoline engines accumulate carbon deposits. When this happens, your vehicle’s fuel economy declines, your vehicle performance is compromised and harmful emissions increase. With TerraClean®, customers will appreciate the preventative maintenance. The result – cost savings, better fuel mileage, and lower emissions. Not only that, you will immediately notice an improvement on the performance of your vehicle!

Where other systems use harsh additives, German Vehicle Service’s Fuel System Servicing decarbonizes the entire fuel system using technologically advanced chemistry that is safe for the technician, the automobile components and the environment.

  • Optimizes ECM Performance
  • Restores Fuel Efficiency
  • Maximizes Vehicle Performance
  • Reduces Harmful Vehicle Emissions

German Vehicles Service - Terraclean Fuel System Servicing

Independent lab test results confirm that a Fuel Decarbonizing System is highly effective in removing hydrocarbons. TerraClean® restores oxygen sensors to optimum performance, increases efficiency of the catalytic converter, as well as decreasing harmful emissions. In this test, a Ford Mustang V6 (176,000 km) had its oxygen sensor function tested both before and after the service. The difference in deceleration and acceleration was remarkable. The ECM was getting more information from the oxygen sensor resulting in more efficient and responsive combustion.
*This test was conducted at Sean Hyland Motor Sport for “Dream Car Garage” episode.

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