Motul Motor Oil

MOTUL Engine Lubricants: Official Motor Oil Supplier for GVS

South Florida is an especially harsh environment for your german-made, luxury car.


Extreme high temperatures, long highway miles, continuous start and stop traffic, and hours of sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic shortens the lifespan of metal and other components in your car’s engine. This is why we count on the proven and high standards that MOTUL engine lubricants offer. Their formulation keeps your car’s engine running smoothly and operating at optimal temperature all year, including in the searing summer months.


GVS Only Uses MOTUL 100% Synthetic Motor Oil

Your german-made, luxury, sport or SUV is a made with the utmost quality in engineering and we make sure we ensure your cars’ performance and longevity to the quality that MOTUL motor oils offers.

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