Expert Service for Your Sprinter Work Vans

Sprinter work vans are quickly becoming the choice vehicle due to their comfort, adaptability, and available features. However, because they are work vans, they endure a higher level of service interval and day-to-day use. Keep your Sprinter work van in top working order by entrusting its service to the experts at German Vehicles Service.

Dodge Sprinter work van
Dodge Sprinter work van

In addition to providing quality service to all European cars and SUVs, we also service all Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Dodge Sprinter and Freightliner Sprinter work vans. All these work vans are based on the same engine platform provided by Mercedes-Benz in which we specialize. Your business is kept efficient, by keeping a well maintained and service fleet.

Who uses Sprinter work vans? Live television and film crews use work vans, environmental and infrastructure inspectors, heavy industry facilities supervisors and personnel, private and public transportation, airport and hotel shuttles, in-town shipping and logistics, motorsports support, road-assistance vehicles, and more.

Entrust your company’s fleet to us and we’ll keep your work vans operational. Allow us to service your Dodge Sprinters, Mercedes-Benz Sprinters or Freightliner Sprinters for oil and filter changes, full brake service, climate control service, electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic service.

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Sprinter vans come in different variants and whether you have a Dodge Sprinter, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Freightliner Sprinter, we’ll service it in the following trims, Sprinter passenger van, Sprinter conversion van, Sprinter cargo van, Sprinter minibus, or Sprint cab-chassis.