4 Car Care Services You Must Have This Summer

Cars endure quite a lot here in South Florida, scorching heat on mall parking lots, high operational temperatures sitting in traffic, torrential summer downpours and countless miles of wet Florida pavement. To keep your European car providing that quality ride and safety you deserve, the experts at German Vehicles Service recommend that you perform these four Must Have Services for this summer.

1. Wet Weather Tires and Service

Here in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and surrounding communities, rain is a part of life; sometimes it drizzles but sometimes it pours. You’ve seen it, some unfortunate person on the side of I95 with their car spun in the opposite direction of traffic. One of the most common reasons for this is poor wet weather traction, often due to insufficient tread on the tires. In order to maintain an optimum level of safety from your vehicle, German Vehicle Service technicians offer free tire inspection. Should we determine that your vehicle is in need of a new set of tires, we can provide you with a timely quote for tires, tire mounting and balancing, and tire alignment services. If our technicians determine that your car’s tires are in good working order, we may suggest a tire rotation service should your vehicle require it. We will check your tire’s air pressure for free. At German Vehicles Service we strive to keep our customer’s safety as a top priority.

2. Windshield and Rear WIndow Wiper Blades

It doesn’t rain cats and dogs here in Florida, it rains alligators! No need to compromise your safety when driving if you can’t see out your car’s windshield. In keeping priority with your safety when driving these Miami and Fort Lauderdale roads, German Vehicle Service technicians may recommend to replace your windshield and/or your rear window wiper blades with new OEM factory wiper blades. They make a world of difference and you’ll be glad you did. Don’t sacrifice quality with cheap replacements from franchise stores, trust the experts at German Vehicles Services to install OEM factory wiper blade replacements. Call (954) 241-7038 for pricing.

3. Auto Air Conditioner Inspection and Service

With the scorching Florida heat upon us, the last thing you want to do without is your car’s air conditioner. Keep your cool and bring your European car to German Vehicles Service for a comprehensive Auto Air Conditioning System Inspection. They will check for clogged air filters, check that the system is fully charged, that there are no leaks or deteriorated lines, as well as that the system is cooling properly. Don’t find out that your vehicle may need an air conditioning service until it’s too late. Our technicians will keep you on the cooler side of things with expert and professional service. Our technicians can also check on seat cooling systems now popular on some newer models. Call today to schedule your Auto Air Conditioning System Inspection.

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4. Engine Cooling System

This Florida heat is especially hard on engines and their ability to keep all operations cool. Stressed heat exchange cores, deteriorated hoses, deteriorated clamps and clips as well as old antifreeze/coolant can be the culprits of a car’s engine failure. Your car may even have an oil-cooling system that supports the cooling duties in the engine. This makes it the top priority in keeping with the overall health and operation of your European-made car. At German Vehicles Service, we can inspect your car’s ability to withstand the elevated Florida temperatures to ensure your safety for the traffic ahead or the road trips to your favorite summer destination.

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