A comprehensive vehicle brakes service begins with a thorough check of your cars most vital function, the ability to stop. It’s easy to say that it’s all about brake discs and pads but that is just a fraction of all the parts and components involved in a car’s ability to come to a full and safe stop.

First we take a look at the status of your vehicle’s tires; are they worn? Are they worn evenly? Is there any play or slack on the wheels? These could be caused by worn or damaged wheel bearings, CV joints, shock absorbers, or other suspension parts. Our technicians look for greasy deposits on the inside of the wheel, CV joints, or other suspension components. They will also look at the state of the rubber boot which holds the grease in contact with the appropriate parts.

Then our technician moves on to removing the wheels from your vehicle and assess the state of your brake discs, brake caliper, pads, and sensors. All of these components should be periodically checked and cleaned. They are looking for signs or irregularities on the wear of your vehicles brake parts such as grooved brake discs. Deeply grooved brake discs could be a sign of other issues such as improper pad facing, binding of brake pads, among others. If this is the case, we will recommend to replace the brake discs, brake pads, and corresponding brake sensor.

Meanwhile, we also look at the state of your vehicle’s caliper to make sure they haven’t been over-extended in their function. We always recommend that when replacing pads, also replacing brake discs. This ensures proper surface-mating between the two surfaces as they are perfectly flat when new. In addition, new brake sensors are installed.

The condition of the brake lines is inspected, the brake reservoir, and brake fluid to see if there is discoloration or the presence of moisture in the fluid. If your vehicle’s brake fluid is deemed past its service interval, we will recommend to perform a brake fluid flush, where old brake fluid will be extracted from the system and replaced with new brake fluid.

Additionally, our technicians will check your car’s on-board systems to reset any brake sensors or service notification related to your brake service.

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